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We have the know-how and experience to handle any type of aircraft. From small planes and commercial planes, all the way up through military and corporate jets. With our vast inventory, we offer the perfect parts for your aircraft.

With our experience handling most aircraft platforms from various manufactures across the globe combined, comes great responsibility: ensuring high-performance standards. We offer quick turnaround times, combined with world-class delivery performance will have you up running like new in no time!


Whitney 1/4x10’
Max cutting thickness ¼ inch
Max cutting length 10 ft


Whitney 180-13
180 tons. 13ft max bending length

CNC Waterjet

Calypso HH105
Cutting bed 9’x5’
Max Aluminum Thickness 6”
Max Steel Thickness 4”

Heat Treat Furnace

Sauder Industries
Max Temp 1200°F
Max Weight 1500 lbs
Calibrated Work zone 41”x58”x76” @ 550°F to 1050°F


Butane Tank Corp.
Max Temp 650°F
100psi Max pressure
Calibrated Work Zone 48”x24”x76” @ 250°F to 500°F

Drop Hammer

2000 lb, Chambersburg Cecostamp, 24”x30” bed

Paint Booth

220 sq ft environmentally controlled for paint application


PMA is the acronym of Parts Manufacturer Approval, an approval made by the Federal Aviation Administration that establishes that a PMA holder is approved to manufacture certain parts and issue PMA documents (hence PMA) for those parts.

The PMA holder’s designated engineering representative (DER) is the PMA holder’s authorized representative responsible for performing or supervising engineering functions associated with PMA parts fabrication. PMA DERs are required to be qualified and approved by the FAA (See DO 4W, Part 21 Inspection Authorization Procedures).

AK Structures provides high-quality services to PMA parts, PMA-authorized products, PMA manufacturers, and more.
Contact us for a PMA or DER application today!


Our engineers have experience with a wide range of reliability-based repairs for most aircraft structures to save customers time and money. AK-Structures’ Engineering can develop repairs and re-manufacture parts in accordance with technical documentation to suit almost any aircraft structural component.
Aircraft Structures Engineering
Aircraft Structures Engineering


When manufacturing aircraft structures, our engineers use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) processes to design the required structure, then we proceed to use our machinery to create a mold or master before we can begin manufacturing. Aircraft structures are required to be able to withstand large amounts of force from different angles while keeping lightweight. Our experienced staff will make sure every bolt is tightened according to specifications using torque wrenches; we’ll even perform visual inspections of finished products to ensure they meet their specific requirements.

Stretch Press

ERCO Sheetmetal Stretch Press

Model 1280: 300 Ton
Material Size 10′ x 10′


Hufford A10

Catalog Specifications:
Capacity 17.5 Tons Table
Dimensions 30” x 65” Table
Height 35.5” Maximum Part
Length Formed 219”
Standard Arm

CStandard Arm
Minimum Part Length Formed 10”
Maximum Die Height 20”
Maximum Die Length @ 180 Deg. 68”
Minimum Die Length @ 180 Deg. 20”
Tension Cylinder Stroke 18.5”
Operating Pressure Maximum 2,000 PSI

Hydro Press

Lake Erie 2500 Ton.
Bed size 4.5’x8’
Rubber bed size 3’x7’

Draw Press

Dual action 750 Ton.
Bed size 12’x6

CNC Router

Multicam 5000
Bed size 4’x12’
¼” Max aluminum


Damage to aircraft structures can include damage due to corrosion, peeling paint, or dents in the metal skin, as well as more severe damages like bleed air leaks, surfaces malfunctions, or cracks in the metal. These damages may threaten the structural integrity of the aircraft surface or its performance and immediate repair is required. AK Structures provide quality repair solutions for most aircraft types to withstand the most demanding of environments.

Media Blast

Processes: Heat Treat IAW AMS2770
Chem Film IAW MIL-C-5541
Prime & Paint IAW MIL-PRF-23377

FAA certified repair station

AK Structures’ experienced staff is trained to all airworthiness standards defined by the FAA including AC 43-214A regarding repairs and alterations to composite and bonded aircraft structures for corporate, commercial, regional, and military aircraft types.

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Our team has years’ worth of experience in all aspects of manufacturing, repairs, and maintaining a wide variety of structures for many types of aircraft and models. You can count on us! We’d love to hear from you.